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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 8, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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a dog. >> kimberly: bye-bye. that is it for us. happy columbus day. the air is dirty in new york. that was mine. love being with us. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> bret: no debate about it. less than one month to go and mitt romney is making up some serious ground against the president. this is "special report." >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. we are 29 days away from the presidential election. one major poll says the two candidates are dead even. another has mitt romney up by four. pew research has the governor with a 49 to 45 advantage over the president. among likely voters. romney trailed by eight points earlier in month in that poll.
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we look at the poll numbers and all the important electoral college count in just a few moments. but first, governor romney says the president's global vision puts american national security at risk. chief political correspondent carl cameron has specifics. >> at the virginia military institute in measured tone, mitt romney wants his toughest critique yet of obama foreign policy. >> america security and cause of freedom cannot afford four more years like the last four years. >> romney said hope is not a strategy. administration policy weakened the u.s. and its allies while emboldening the enemies. >> with iran closer than ever to nuclear weapons capability with the conflict in syria threatening to destabilize the region and with violent extremists on the march, and with an american ambassador and three others dead, likely at the hands of al-qaeda affiliates, it's clear that the risk of conflict in the region is higher now than when the president took office.
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>> romney ripped the administration initial and insistence that the attack on the consulate in libya was a riot about a mob angry about islam movement. >> as the administration concedeed the attacks were the deliberate work of terrorists. >> team obama called the rhetoric erratic and wants a counterattack ad to run in virginia slamming the poorly reviewed european trip four months ago. >> if this is how he handles the world now, think what romney might do as president. >> eager to look resolute and ready to be commander-in-chief romney promised actions. >> for the sake of peace, we must make clear to iran through actions not just words that the nuclear pursuit will not be tolerated. >> he pledged help to rebels trying to topple the regime and renewed the charge that obama administration threw israel under the bus. >> i'd restore the presence of the aircraft task forces in the eastern mediterranean and
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the gulf. i'll work with isr increase our military assistance and coordination. >> reporter: regarding afghanistan, romney said the president depicted anyone who disagrees with the withdrawal timetables as someone arguing for endless war. >> the route to war and potential attacks at home is a politically timed retreat that abandons the afghan people to the same extremist extremists wo ravaged their country and use it to launch attacks of 9/11. >> democrats complain that romney's speech was filled with criticism of president obama foreign policy but not a lot of specific alternatives. this week is vice presidential debate but next week, president obama and romney meets in face-off on long iland. romney is planning another major speech, this time on the economy. bret? >> bret: carl cameron traveling with governor romney. thank you. there is new information tonight about how bad the security conditions were in libya prior to the deadly attack on the mission. also, there are new charges that the obama administration
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did not answer security calls increase security for that mission. from americans on the ground in libya. james rose listen have that story tonight in just a few moments. right now, president obama is in search of consolation and cash in california. chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president. >> reporter: raising ever more campaign cash in hollywood at a concert with stars like katy perry and jon bonn jovi he poked fun at his debate debacle in denver. >> everybody here is a professional and great friends and they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> the sudden plunge in the president poll numbers, though, is no laughing matter for chicago. in addition to republican romney taking the lead in the new pew poll, the first gallup daily tracking poll since that debate shows romney fought his
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way back to tie nationally knotted up at 47%. bounce for romney since before the debate when he was trailing in the same poll by 5 points. groping for answers about why the president stumbled almost a full week later his top advisors are still pushing the narrative that romney lied his way to victory. >> look, george, governor romney had a masterful, theatrical performance this past week. the underpinning and foundation of the performance were fundamentally dishonest. >> big bird meets the big lies. now governor romney will be challenged for the remain 30 days to explain how it is he pays for $5 trillion in cut and tax cut for millionaire and billionaires. >> the obama camp has been using a study by princeton economist harvey rosen to back up that romney's plan is paid for by tax cut on middle class but there was pushback from rosen saying he was misrepresented, saying increase in the tax burden on lower and middle income individuals is not required in
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order to make the overall plan revenue neutral. >> he would be the first to say this is not a monument to one man. >> under backdrop in california today, the president held an official event designating the chavez national monument that may help rally hispanic voters. new politico, george washington university battleground tracking poll of likely voters shows president may have an intensity problem. only 73% support him say they are extremely likely to vote compared to 86% who back romney. >> they know the race has tightened. >> bret: ed henry traveling with the president in california. ed thanks. we are less than a month away from election day. much of the country is already taking part in early voting. we are taking our weekly look at how the electoral college map is shaping up.
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joining me again today are karl rove, former bush senior advisor in las vegas today, and in washington. democratic strategist joe trippi. okay, gentlemen, look at the map. you can see tin know on the key. red states, romney. blue, obama. then the pinkish, those are lean romney states. light blue, lean obama. yellow states are tossup states within the margin of error. this is based on polls within the last 30 days. okay, karl. what has changed since last time we talked last week? >> well, we had 44 polls last week. 22 states. there were three changes in status. two benefiting president obama. new hampshire went from tossup to lean obama. new mexico went from lean obama to obama. one change in status benefiting romney. went from lean obama to tossup. romney gained in colorado, ohio, virginia, and wisconsin, all battleground states. but no change in the status in those. missouri and nevada became
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stronger for obama. no change in status for those. >> bret: of that, joe. what do you see as important? >> all the states move to romney even though they haven't changed status matter. but ohio is the real interesting thing, because when you look at it, both karl and i threw out a marist poll that happened some time ago with eight-point lead for obama. we threw that out. moving as a tossup today. that would be very significant. when you look at a trend line of ohio, though, throughout the whole campaign, romney has never actually crossed in the lead there in the average of real clear politics average of the trend line. is that moving? because right now the line if you look at them are starting to go closer together again like after the convention. that is significant. >> bret: when you talk debate, that is the question that everybody is front and center, karl. talk to me a little bit about post debate. >> yeah. well, look, we will see more of this in the weeks ahead. my suspicion is this week we have a number of polls showing
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movement to romney. look, in the gallup, the three days before the debate, it was 50/45 in three days after the debate it was 47/47. we also see this in a little bit different fashion in the georgia washington university politico battleground poll. this may be part of something that is starting to happen before the debate. in terms of the intensity of each side of voters. three weeks ago the romney voters were more likely to vote. said they were more definite to vote by a seven-point margin over obama supporters. this is now last week grown in the latest poll to a 13% gap. only 85% of the interviews were conducted before the debate. 15% after. but in the 15% interviews after, this number is stronger for romney supporters. so i suspect we're likely to see it continue. if you look at the recent polls for example, all three polls in florida in october romney leads. two out of three of the polls conducted in october in both
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virginia and colorado, romney leads. data in ohio, private data shows the race tightening. the obama campaign is responding to it. this week, they dramatically increase the television bye in state of ohio. you have don't do that in a state that a couple of weeks ago saying comfortably put away. >> bret: look at virginia. we have talked about that state a lot. romney is there delivering the foreign policy speech today. it's in the tossup category. still on this map. is it sliding one way or another? >> there has been clearly been moving to romney in all the states. you are seeing that. the debate did make a difference for him. virginia is going down to wire. i don't think karl and i expect anything different. >> when you talk about polls and independents self-identify as republicans,
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>> the same thing with democrats is happening for romney. grows two or three points and then all of a sudden the number of people identify as republicans go up in the polls as well. i don't think that the pollsters are rejirging the numbers. something that is happening as a shift now, more people are starting to identify the republicans. >> remember one thing about the debate. the first debate is determinative. that is to say that the result after the third debate tends to mirror what happened in the first debate. if you win the first debate, you generally tend to win the series. the arc on the narrative matters with regard to how much you win it by. in 2004, the first debate, john kerry did well. gained in the polls. bush gained back in second and third but at the end of the
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third debate, kerry made up ground on president bush. in fact, in seven out of the last nine presidential debat debates, we don't have good data on 1960, the challenger benefited from the debate. the incumbent has only benefited in two. i'd expect to see changes this week by next monday if we are running state polls in the battleground states. it shifts away from obama and shift to romney. >> bret: quickly, every week, we show you something from our ipad app. where people can put up their own maps. >> obama is leading 247 electoral votes to romney 244 electoral votes, bret. but what is interesting is he gives the kitchen sink of some of the swing states to romney.
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nevada, iowa, new hampshire. it leaves out tossup, ohio and florida. it shows how important the states are. if florida went for obama, he wins. if romney wins both the states, or actually florida. ohio sits there as the big decideer i think. >> bret: this could be election night, karl? >> absolutely. ohio was vital. 2004, ohio had limelight. florida was important. clocking to the second how much flight stop between stops in ohio and florida to maximize the number of appearances they have. but you are right and it will come down to these two.
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interestingly enough, the map gives a lot to romney but gives him some to give away. new hampshire, iowa, nevada, he could lose all three and still win electoral college. >> bret: karl, joe, as always. see you next week. up next, allegation on the record that the obama administration turned its back on pleas for more security by americans in libya. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8.
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♪ >> bret: we have new evidence tonight that the obama administration ignored requests for adequate security at u.s. diplomatic facilities in libya, ahead of the killing of the u.s. ambassador and three others there in what eventually was confirmed to be a terrorist attack. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the update. >> a month after the murder of chris stevens and three other americans house committee is set to hear testimony this
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week by the american security officers to tell congress the pleas for the enhanced safety measures in libya in days leading up to 9/11 were rebuffed by the higher-ups at the state department in washington. >> my understanding that there were requests made and the requests were denied. >> that tracks with the account offered to cbs news today by the former head of the u.s. special forces team in libya. >> so all the experts on the ground are telling headquarters at the state department we need this. the answer kept coming back as -- >> you've got to do with less. for what reasons i don't know. >> the f.b.i. was on the ground there a week ago, to get as much information as we can. we need to learn from the information. >> official in charge of all personnel fax silty and operation worldwide is under secretary of state for management patrick f. kennedy, highly regarded ziller is vant who has been in the post since 2007. fox news learned that on the evening of september 12, kennedy privately briefed key house and senate staffers and told them benghazi appeared to
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be a sophisticated attack that utilized light and heavy weapons. one participant told fox news that kennedy indicated it was fairly complex. not like a protest that got out of hand. >> we don't see at this point signs it was coordinated plan, premedicated attack. >> that narrative was offered four days later. not for another three days at a senior u.s. official stated publicly with under-secretary kennedy told congress privately. >> they were killed in course of terrorist attack on the embassy. >> there was a decision made at that time as to what happened and what the story was going to be that was inconsistent with the facts even as they knew it on the ground. what you are finding is that's why there is this, at least riff in the inside the intelligence community. >> fox news confirmed that white house counterterrorism advisor john brennan will be in libya tomorrow to check in with the f.b.i. investigation underway. chairman rogers told fox news
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he believes the u.s. has obtained footage taken, bret, when the attacks were underway. >> bret: we'll follow that. james, thanks. >> still ahead, more pain at the pump than ever. car crazy california. first, brit hume on the war of words about romney's words describing his tax policy. ♪ ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ you got no right ♪
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>> bret: let's talk about campaign messaging. senior political analyst brit hume has thoughts about what the obama campaign is saying and what the romney campaign is not. >> a favorite talking point of the obama campaign is mitt romney's economic proposals would simply reinstate the tax cut and deregulation policy that led to the 2008 financial
3:24 pm
meltdown. two things should be said about this claim. one is it's gone unanswered by the romney camp and the second is it's utterly invalid. the tax cut put in place under president bush in 2001 and 2003 cannot be blamed for the mortgage market collapse that triggered the great recession. in fact, they can be credited with helping the economy out of the recession of 2001, 2002, and with helping overcome the economic damage from hurricane katrina. by the way, that expansion, and the tax revenue it produced were sufficient to drive down the federal budget deficit for 2005 through 2007. this despite massive war spending. as for deregulation, president obama himself said former president bush put more regulations in place than he has at the same time frame. it is true that there is one bit of deregulation regularly blamed by the liberal economists for helping create the speculative bubble that led to financial crisis and the great recession.
3:25 pm
that is the lifting of the barrier before commercial banks. it was lifted i. >> bret: if that is the case, how does president obama change dynamic debate number two? >> it's interesting to see whether romney is ready with with an answer to charge. so far, romney camp has not answered it. maybe they were reluctant to defend president bush saying he may not be popular. i think how this issue stands and how well the talking point works. it has worked to some extent with the obama team is whether he is ready to have a response to it. >> bret: insult to fatal injury in new york. media does it again. grapevine is next. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge.
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reaches people in a place they're checking every day -- their inbox. and it gives you the tools to create custom emails that drive business. it's just one of the ways constant contact can help you grow your small business. sign up for your free trial today at >> bret: fresh pickings from the political grapevine. voter crying foul over how a town hall exchange between her and v.p. and date paul ryan is portrayed by the main stream media and the obama campaign. abc news reports linda morris' original question. we talk about china and jobs and then we talk about the unemployment. where are the answers? why aren't you more specific. i heard you sunday on fox and you didn't answer his question about what are your plans?
3:30 pm
the report is ryan launched in romney's five-point plan but "he again did not get in the loopholes the plan would close or eductions they would eliminate to get to the 20% tax cut, his ticket promised." obama campaign pounced. ryan can't attend his own campaign rally without being called out for failing to provide specifics about what romney would do if elected. morrisson did not ask about the tax loopholes and was shocked to learn the obama administration seized on her question. she went home, she later wrote, satisfied with the exchange with ryan. "i was not calling ryan out. i had an opportunity to ask a direct question to ryan and what i got was a complete direct answer with no spin." she now wants specific on president obama economic plan. romney aid accusing cnn of taking the governor comments out of middle east out of context. cnn put words in today's
3:31 pm
romney speech on foreign policy where he pledges to recommit the u.s. to democratic prosperous palestinian debate. juxtapose against clip where they say palestinians have no interest in peace. they say they left out the, i where romney expresses hope about the peace process. sad story, new york city is apologizing for sending a collection letter to suspect. killed by a police cruiser for the damage his body did to the vehicle. the bill for $$710 was slap in the face. they kept robinson shackled to the hospital bed under guard while in a coma. spokesman for the city said the letter should not have ever gone out and not sure why it happened. the family planning
3:32 pm
$20 million wrongful death lawsuit. >> it's more expensive than before drive in california. regulations. supply crunch. even a power outage have combined to cause imperfect storm. in the gas pump. here is correspondent adam housley. >> from san francisco to san diego, to redondo, california californians are cringing at the pump. >> frustrating. >> in many cases, frustrating fg is the nicest word that drivers use when react to gasoline prices that have spiked in the neighborhood of 52 cents in the last week. >> prices are ridiculous. >> they need a break. it's too high. way too high. >> i try not to drive. gives me quarter of a tank if i need $10 in gas. out of control. >> the official gallon is
3:33 pm
$4.67 a gallon. highest on record with many stations above $5 for regular unloaded. they blame the cost on higher demand. refinery outages which led to decrease supply. the gas price has politicians scrambling with four weeks until election day. governor brown changed requirement to the less strin jent winter standard to help increase supply. senator dianne feinstein calling for a federal investigation saying the prices are being manipulated. meantime, president obama is raising money across the state. 4-1/2 years after declaring he'd work to solve energy crisis once for all. high prices should remain for week to ten days. when they do come down they will be higher than last year. across the state there have been a number of reports gas theft with pumps disabled after hours.
3:34 pm
and thieves even siphoning gas from unlocked cars. bret? >> bret: adam, thank you. the world bank cut the economic growth forecast for east asia and says china slow down could get worse. that sent the wall street stock downward. dow lost 26-1/2. the nasdaq fell if. capitol hill lawmakers are warning private sector business leaders to stay away from china leading technology firms. shannon bream tells us it's not about money as national security. >> today, leaders of the house intelligence committee released a bipartisan report following a year long investigation in to two chinese telecommunication company working to expand the presence here in the u.s. lawmakers troubled by intellectual property theft say the two companies refuse to answer corn certains apt how they might access and misuse information from private medical records to military secrets.
3:35 pm
>> we were disappointed by the incomplete and contradictory evasive responses we received by both countries. >> they were allowed to provide information they obtain, lawmakers urge public and private u.s. entities not to do business with them. >> if you look at what is at stake. what infrastructure we open up to the threat of cyber espionage and the potential of cyber attack if the adversaries desire no, other conclusion. >> spokesman for one company says this administration and report are nothing more than a politics exercise that has ignored technical commercial and cultural reality. it's played out against backdrop of the two presidential contenders jockeying to be seen as the man likely to tackle china misbehavior. >> crack down on china when
3:36 pm
they cheat. >> we have more cases against china in one term than the previous administration did in two. >> mcmorris rogers once an f.b.i. agent said the investigation uncovered information that could lead to several criminal charges. bribery case handed over to f.b.i. on tuesday. bret? >> bret: thank you. venezuelaen president hugo chavez survived his biggest re-election challenge. he gets a third consecutive six-year term. he won by 10 percentage point against the state governor who accused him of unfairly using the country oil well. to finance his campaign. new poll show the race in u.s. tightening. we talk about the state of the race with the fox all-stars when we come back. wooohooo....hahaahahaha!
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people wonder why it is i'm so confident we're going to win. i am confident because i see
3:40 pm
you here on a day like this. this is unbelievable. thank you so much. that was a good debate. i enjoyed that debate. >> some of the places we agreed were associated with the fact that we would take america in different directions. >> these guys and everybody here is incredible professionals, they're touch great friends -- such great friends. they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> bret: president obama in california making fun of himself. at a campaign event last night. out there again tonight. romney today talking about the debate. as new polls are showing a big bounce after debate. pew research center has a new poll out tonight among likely voters. look at this bounce. this change. from september 12 to 16, he was down 8. now up 4 among likely voters. this is pew. that is looking at again,
3:41 pm
about 1100 likely societ voters. look at another poll, political poll for choice of president. one point, president obama over romney. this was october 1-4. it does not really get a full sense of october 3 debate. you have gallup. post debate. there you see the before and after. tied. again, that is registered voters not likely voters. gallup hasn't changed that. one more back to politico voter look. this is likely voters. you see the split among supporters. some of that poll is before the debate. so we're already starting to see some of the effect of what both sides are calling a strong debate performance by romney. bring in the panel about the state of the race. hayes for "weekly standard." a.b. stoddard, from the hill.
3:42 pm
syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. we talk a lot about polls and joe, carl, electoral map. your sense of the state of this race and where things are? >> look, the macro view, is that romney got nothing out of tampa. obama got bump three to five. what happened with the debate romney got it back, 90 minutes in one night and maybe more. very telling. pew poll has romney ahead slightly beyond the margin of error. we talk about the ones extremely likely to vote. romney, of voters extremely likely to vote is up by six. that is a nine-point swing. so i think right now the race is tied with romney having
3:43 pm
some momentum from the debate. the rest of the story will be determined by the remaining debate. obama trying to throw money at negating the effect of the debate by calling romney a liar. which is interesting. after other excuses. weak moderators, demand like appearing on "the view" and raising a lot of money in hollywood. altitude. now romney is a liar and obama was so shocked by the lies he couldn't speak on his own. so now it's the widst of the staircase express in the commercial. >> bret: a.b.? >> i think i agree that romney has gotten back tremendous momentum that he needed. i didn't he would get it until he did something to help himself, not just to keep hacking away at president obama. when he did at the debate he sold himself. as a viable alternative or reasonable replacement for the president. someone with ideas. someone who understands your
3:44 pm
problems. he needs to keep that momentum going. most importantly, it energizes the supporters. when you look at polls the most important factor is that enthusiasm gap. so he does better among likely voters. that is what matters on election day. president obama has an easier path in the electoral college if you look at the states that matter, states where romney is advertising, he is still behind him. who are the voters? how are they responding to polls? will they get in the car? they were energized on the democratic platform for charlotte because of president clinton. president obama to some extent and other democrats didn't blow it. but now, they are feeling deflated. the debate as sort of the tactic the president takes in the remaining weeks, closing the enthusiasm gap, the greatest challenge. >> bret: pew, the poll before this, one in september was criticized by conservatives as being one of these that was leaning democratic too much.
3:45 pm
was leaning, being too close to the president camp. look at the internals, inside this new pew poll. romney now ties president obama in being regarded as a strong leader. runs virtually even. with the president, willingness to work with leaders of the other party. 47 to 40% margin, voters pick romney as the candidate who has new ideas. on the flip side, president obama continues to hold lead as the candidate who connects well with ordinary people. takes consistent position on issues. here is a real interesting one, steve. president obama leads by ten points. 49 to 39, as the candidate who takes more moderate positions on the issues. this is in the pew poll. >> i find that the most significant and interesting aspect of this, finding this poll because it suggests that the romney campaign has an opportunity. you have seen in this poll a dramatic shift toward romney,
3:46 pm
virtually everything. even places where president obama continues to lead. you see a shift toward romney. he has expanded his gap on things like jobs. he expanded the gap on things like the deficit. we have seen this shift toward romney and all the other areas. one place where president obama has this surprising finding. 49%, half of the people poll likely voters think that president obama is more moderate than romney. this is a president who ran as a liberal, governed as a liberal, done more to expand the government in try-and-a-half years than any other democratic president since lyndon johnson, maybe since fdr. after the midterm he was repudiated and runs as liberal, proud liberal. convention advertised him as liberal. romney campaign has a huge opening in a country 2 to 1, self-identified conservatives and liberals to say you know what? obama is in fact an activist
3:47 pm
liberal. >> bret: quickly, charles, polls are flashes in time. you get a call, what do you identify now? not are you a republican or democrat. which party do you identify with at this moment? >> look, everybody understands it's not a predictor of election day but it tells you if you compare today with yesterday and the week before, the week before, what you see there is obama was ahead before the convention. now tied. so you see actual -- it isn't only static. it shows the movement for you compare "a" and "b" and "c." movement is for romney. keeps it up, he will win. >> bret: next up, romney foreign policy speech and new revelations about the security in libya.
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♪ ♪ >> bret. the president is fond -- the president is fond of saying that the tide of war is receding. i want to believe him as much as anyone else. when we look at the middle east today, with iran closer than ever to nuclear weapon capability, conflict syria threatening to destabilize region and violent extremists on the march, with an american ambassador and three others dead likely hands of al-qaeda affiliates the risk of constrict higher now than when the president took office. i know the president hoped for safer, freer, prosperous middle east, aligned with us. i share this hope. hope is not a strategy. >> bret: mitt romney launching his toughest critique yet of obama foreign policy. back with the panel. your thought of the speech? >> i thought it was fantastic speech, a big speech about big
3:52 pm
ideas. it gave viewers and voters a sharp con tract, two competing, contrasting visions and romney laid it out incredibly well. what was interesting to me is the speech, the speech writers, mitt romney tried to in effect write obama out of the main stream of bipartisan foreign policy thought in the last 50 years. they did that effectively. the most important argue in the the speech from my point of view is that the passivity we have shown in response to what happened in libya is prism on which we can, through which we can look at the entirety of barack obama's foreign policy measure. of refusal to step forward and lead in a way that has been the american tradition. >> the speech as message device is good for romney. terrific debater. good at giving speeches. not so great on the stump. i do think he should have done it sooner. >> it shows swing voters february you don't put any
3:53 pm
meat on the bone of your policy plans that it looks like you are. while i agree with the criticism that, you know, iran is closer to a nuclear program the middle east is deteriorating. al-qaeda remains strong. syria is a de stating disaster. i actually don't think he really you drew a contrast how he would get us out of the situation. to say hope and drone is not a real strategy is fine but i don't think he provided one. what he was talking about, about how he will put people on notice, very platitude, you know, packed. was not specific enough to tell someone most americans at this point, i believe, look at president obama's sort of, you can call it leading from behind. covert, multilateral, counterterrorism foreign policy strategy that i don't think most americans object to. this is not the '90s. we're in a different world. i don't think they are
3:54 pm
embracing a new solution. if he is trying to sell one, nothing on afghanistan. never describes how he would have secured our gain in iraq. he is try cog convince people he didn't do it today. >> bret: he does say that he would pursue a real and successful transition to afghanistan forces by the end of 2014. he wouldn't put a date on it. he would evaluate conditions on the ground in the way the best advice is military commanders and not hand over just based on a date on the calendar. >> he said that today because he has never ever, until today, been specific on afghanistan. >> bret: i understand but you're saying he didn't provide specifics but he did. >> i'm saying what he critiqued, what is going on in the middle east, the growth of al-qaeda, and everything else. he did not describe why -- he might be open to staying longer in afghanistan. i don't think he made the case for why. president obama withdrawal from iraq reversed our gains and he has a good plan -- >> i'm saying that that paragraph has specifics. charles? >> came in the 11th hour. rest on the middle east was
3:55 pm
not clear. >> it wasn't a speech about afghanistan. it was a speech about obama and his relation with the american power and pre-eminence. the point it was subtle but a theme of the whole speech obama is uncomfortable with the presence, rightness, justice and reuse of the american pre-eminence in the region. he will reassert it with a sense of america's rightness. thus, the specifics will follow. ally with your friends and support them unquestionably. oppose enemies unlike obama with iran. oppose them unquestionably and in the end, provide defense, means and material to back our word in the region. so it's a larger issue than just a policy here and there. even though people aren't aggressive and want to reintroduce the troops in afghanistan or iraq but they want a sense that america is preeminnocent and isn't -- pre-eminent and isn't ashamed
3:56 pm
of it. that's what romney conveyed. >> bret: peace through strength. >> exactly. >> bret: that's it for the panel. but stay tuned for another try at debate analysis. still make you te notice. there are a million reasons why. but your erectile dysfunction that could be a question of blood flow. cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood essure. do not dnk alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing,
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>> finally, many liberals are trying to come up with some explanation why president obama was not all there last wednesday in the debate, in their words, they want answers and there have been many excuses. al gore's altitude excuse. bill maher a illegal substance joke, and well, jay leno's show added their own. >> i don't think it was a cheat sheet. but romney had something in his pocket that he used against president obama. show the tape. watch what he does there. now him reach in his pocket. watch what he takes out here. go to the overhead camera. look at this. he's got an obama voodoo doll. watch what does he with it while obama is talking. he put it in


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